Interior doors: How to make the right choice?

The selection of interior doors is an essential element in the construction of your home. They define the limits of each room and must be chosen carefully to meet the specific needs of each room and to maintain practical and aesthetic harmony. See how different styles and features can influence your choice of interior door.

Opening direction

When replacing doors in an existing building, it is best to maintain the existing direction of opening. However, for new constructions, it’s worthwhile to take the time to consider various factors that can guide you in choosing the direction of opening. The first thing to notice is the presence of obstacles near the door frame, whether it’s an angled wall, another door, a countertop, furniture, etc. A door that opens halfway can obstruct traffic flow and impede access to certain furniture in the room.

In other cases, the opening direction of a door can be used to conceal an object, such as a toilet or a hot water tank. Furthermore, a door can open by pushing or pulling and may be hinged on the left or right. If none of these options seems satisfactory, consider choosing a folding or sliding door.

A door for every room

Each room serves a specific purpose that can influence your choice of door. Here are some guidelines associated with different rooms:

  1. Bathroom: Privacy is an important element to consider. Opt for an opaque door.
  2. Bedroom: Sleep requires an absence of light and surrounding noise. That’s why a soundproof and opaque door can be a good choice.
  3. Main rooms (living room, dining room, etc.): Good lighting and frequent comings and goings are inevitable. An easy-to-open door can be a suitable choice, and why not consider a glass door to let in the light?
  4. The garage or basement: These rooms can be somewhat less insulated or more humid. A watertight door that blocks cold and sound can be a good option.

Door style

Whether in its shape, details, colour, or material, a multitude of choices are available to you when it comes to the desired door style.

Here are some aspects to consider regarding the aesthetics of your doors:

  1. Solid or hollow door: A solid wood door can add character to the decor, but may be heavy to handle. A hollow door will be filled with polystyrene, particle board, or laminated wood, making the door lighter.
  2. Design: If you browse through our catalogs, you’ll see that the selection of patterns is very extensive. Consult them to find the design that suits your style.
  3. Door type: Swinging, sliding, pivoting, or folding door, it’s important to be aware of possible constraints and make an informed choice based on the layout of your space.
  4. Colour: Whether natural or vibrant, each colour choice for your doors can lead to a different decor.
  5. Material: Even though these are interior doors, the choice of material can influence their handling and style.
  6. Choice of accessories: When it’s time to think about accessories, selecting handles and locks allows you to harmonize the door with the room’s decor. Discover all our accessories here!

Where to start?

Given all these details, know that it’s possible to seek help in choosing your doors. At Portes et Fenêtres Valleyfield, our dynamic team is ready to help you make informed, personalized choices. We also offer the installation of your new doors and windows by our experts. Whatever your project, we’re here to help!


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