Get financial help with the Rénoclimat program!

Get financial help with the Rénoclimat program!

With colder temperatures now set, you feel there’s an air draft and your floors are cold? Your heating costs are ridiculously high? It’s the perfect moment to replace your doors and windows. Who knows, maybe you’re eligible for the Rénoclimat financial aid program.

Indeed, since March 31st 2018, participants of the Rénoclimat program can obtain financial aid for door, window or skylight replacement jobs.


Rénoclimat program

The Rénoclimat program aims to help you improve the energy efficiency of your home. To know if you qualify, you can obtain an energy efficiency evaluation before the start of your works.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Call our Customer Service Department at 1-866-266-0008 to book an appointment.
  2. A preliminary evaluation will be performed by a Rénoclimat evaluator.
  3. By following the recommendations given to you after the evaluation, you can undertake the energy-efficiency works. Come meet our specialists at Portes & Fenêtres Valleyfield to help you in your choice of energy-efficient doors and windows. 
  4. A second evaluation will be done by the Rénoclimat evaluator (free of charge) once your works are completed.
  5. If you are eligible and all the steps are completed, you can then receive the Rénoclimat financial aid check (10 to 12 week delay after the evaluation of the works). 


Financial aid: am I eligible?

You’re interested in this program and you’d like to know if you can benefit from it? First of all, know that you need to be the owner (person or business) of residences situated on the Quebec territory. You need to be inclined to renovate your dwelling for energy-efficiency reasons. Moreover, the financial aid is granted to eligible participants who had their doors and windows replaced by ENERGY STARMD -rated doors and windows.

Here are the eligible dwelling types:

  • House (single family, semi-detached, row, and mobile homes, rooming houses, year-round cottages, etc.);
  • Duplexes;
  • Triplexes;
  • Residential buildings with multiple units, not more than 3 storeys above ground, and a maximum ground area (footprint) of 600 m².

We strongly suggest you to check your eligibility on the government website of Transition Énergétique Québec by clicking on this link: Transition Énergétique Québec 


The grant: preview of the financial aid amount

If the required conditions are met, you’ll be able to make your choice in regards to doors and windows in our store. Our specialists will be able to guide and help you in making your choice to make sure you respect the recommendations of the Rénoclimat evaluator. Here is a summary of the grant offered by the government.




We still advise you to check out the Rénoclimat participant’s guide available online on the Transition Énergétique Québec website for all details: Participant’s Guide (French only)


Your partner for your future projects!

If you’re thinking about replacing your doors and windows soon, it’s the time to do it! When it’s time to buy your new doors and windows, come over to our store, where our specialists will be delighted to help you with your energy efficiency renovation projects.