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Interior doors: how to choose well?

Interior doors: how to choose well?

Choosing the right interior doors is an essential element in the construction of your house or in a commercial building. They’re the ones delimiting the different areas of the house. They need to be chosen with care to meet the needs of each area and to maintain a practical and esthetic harmony. See how different styles and features can influence your choice of interior doors.


Opening direction

For a replacement in an existing building, it’s better to keep the established direction. However, for new constructions, it’s good to take time to think about the different factors that can influence which direction you choose. The first thing to notice is the presence of obstacles close to the door frame, whether it be an angled wall, another door, a countertop, a piece of furniture, etc. A door that only opens halfway can hinder circulation and prevent access to certain pieces of furniture in the room.


In other cases, the opening direction of a door can help hide an object, for example a toilet or a hot water tank. Additionally, a door can be opened by pushing or by pulling, and can be handled on the left or on the right. If none of these options seem satisfactory, opting for a folding or a sliding door might be an option.


A door for every room

Each room has a specific use that can influence your door choice. Here are a couple of pointers for different rooms:


  1. Bathroom: privacy is an important element to consider. Choose an opaque door.
  2. Bedroom: good sleep requires a lack of light and surrounding noises. That’s why a soundproof opaque door may be a better option.
  3. Main rooms (living room, dining room, etc.): Good lighting and heavy foot traffic are the main points. Why not choose a glass door to let the light in!
  4. Garage or basement: These rooms can be less insulated and more humid. A waterproof door with good thermal and noise insulation can be a good option.


The door style

Whether it’s in its shape, elaborations, color or material, a multitude of choices are available to you when it comes to choosing the desired door style.


Here are a couple of things to consider when it comes to the desired esthetics for your doors:


  1. Full or hollow door: A solid wood door can bring a certain flair to the decor, but can be heavy to handle. A hollow door will be filled with polystyrene, agglomerate or laminated timber, making the door lighter.
  2. Design: If you browse our catalogs, you’ll see that you have a lot of choice when it comes to the pattern. Consult them to pinpoint the design that fits your style.
  3. Door type: Revolving, sliding, folding, the important thing is to know the possible constraints and to make an enlightened choice according to the layout of your space.
  4. Color: Natural or flamboyant, each color you choose for your doors can lead to a different decor.
  5. Material: Although they remain interior doors after all, the choice of material can actually have an influence on their manipulation and style.
  6. Accessory choices: When it’s time to think about accessories, the choice of handles and locks allows to door to harmonize itself with the room decor. Discover all our accessories here!


Where to begin

After seeing all those details, know that it is possible to get help with choosing your doors. At Portes et Fenêtres Valleyfield, our dynamic team is at your disposal to guide you towards the right product for you. Moreover, we offer a door and window installation service by our experts. No matter your project, we’re here to help you!

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Get financial help with the Rénoclimat program!

Get financial help with the Rénoclimat program!

With colder temperatures now set, you feel there’s an air draft and your floors are cold? Your heating costs are ridiculously high? It’s the perfect moment to replace your doors and windows. Who knows, maybe you’re eligible for the Rénoclimat financial aid program.

Indeed, since March 31st 2018, participants of the Rénoclimat program can obtain financial aid for door, window or skylight replacement jobs.


Rénoclimat program

The Rénoclimat program aims to help you improve the energy efficiency of your home. To know if you qualify, you can obtain an energy efficiency evaluation before the start of your works.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Call our Customer Service Department at 1-866-266-0008 to book an appointment.
  2. A preliminary evaluation will be performed by a Rénoclimat evaluator.
  3. By following the recommendations given to you after the evaluation, you can undertake the energy-efficiency works. Come meet our specialists at Portes & Fenêtres Valleyfield to help you in your choice of energy-efficient doors and windows. 
  4. A second evaluation will be done by the Rénoclimat evaluator (free of charge) once your works are completed.
  5. If you are eligible and all the steps are completed, you can then receive the Rénoclimat financial aid check (10 to 12 week delay after the evaluation of the works). 


Financial aid: am I eligible?

You’re interested in this program and you’d like to know if you can benefit from it? First of all, know that you need to be the owner (person or business) of residences situated on the Quebec territory. You need to be inclined to renovate your dwelling for energy-efficiency reasons. Moreover, the financial aid is granted to eligible participants who had their doors and windows replaced by ENERGY STARMD -rated doors and windows.

Here are the eligible dwelling types:

  • House (single family, semi-detached, row, and mobile homes, rooming houses, year-round cottages, etc.);
  • Duplexes;
  • Triplexes;
  • Residential buildings with multiple units, not more than 3 storeys above ground, and a maximum ground area (footprint) of 600 m².

We strongly suggest you to check your eligibility on the government website of Transition Énergétique Québec by clicking on this link: Transition Énergétique Québec 


The grant: preview of the financial aid amount

If the required conditions are met, you’ll be able to make your choice in regards to doors and windows in our store. Our specialists will be able to guide and help you in making your choice to make sure you respect the recommendations of the Rénoclimat evaluator. Here is a summary of the grant offered by the government.




We still advise you to check out the Rénoclimat participant’s guide available online on the Transition Énergétique Québec website for all details: Participant’s Guide (French only)


Your partner for your future projects!

If you’re thinking about replacing your doors and windows soon, it’s the time to do it! When it’s time to buy your new doors and windows, come over to our store, where our specialists will be delighted to help you with your energy efficiency renovation projects.

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7 clues It’s time to change your windows

Is it time to change your windows? Of course, replacing the windows in your house doesn’t cost exactly the same as your morning coffee, so you have to be sure that they are really due to be replaced. Fortunately, Portes et Fenêtres Valleyfield has the answer to your question; how do i know if my windows need to be replaced?

We have listed for you no less than 7 major clues that will allow you to know whether you should come and see us for your fenestration or not. Either way, you can always come and see us. It will be a pleasure for us to answer your questions.

Your electricity bills are increasing

The first sign is the increase in your electricity and heating bill. If you think it costs too much, compared to your previous bills, it may be that the air is seeping more easily through your windows and your heating system must therefore work harder to keep your house warm. Also, if you have a single glazing (which is rare in a cold country like Canada) or double glazing dating from the 1980s, cold drafts pass more easily. Energy efficiency standards have evolved significantly over the years. A change would surely be in order.

Air currents … Brrr!

To follow up on the previous clue a bit, if you walk around your house and feel drafts at any time during the day, if you are always forced to increase the temperature, if you are constantly on the putting on a “little wool”, if you have chills … It’s an easy sign that shows that your windows are not well enough insulated. And if you feel these drafts more intensely when you walk by a window, it just confirms those doubts. Have your fenestration evaluated.

No to condensation!

Condensation is often seen on the bottom or sides of windows during the winter and is normal. On the other hand, if the condensation is between the two glasses, it is time to fix it. This is another indication that the seal is not on point.

Do you have difficulty opening or closing them?

After a number of years, window frames and their opening or sliding systems may wear out or even rust depending on the material. It therefore becomes difficult to open or close windows. A change may be needed.

Molds have appeared?

More plausible in the case of windows that have a wooden surround, mold can appear after several years, especially if the insulation is not 100%. In some situations, we may also see insects such as spiders, ants or some woodlice. If, even worse, fungi are involved, it’s time to come see us!

The neighbor’s music …

It is normal to hear what is happening outside, even with closed windows, but only if it is near the window in question. However, it is not normal to hear the neighbor’s party two blocks away when it is midnight. You have two choices; opt for windows with better insulation, or call the police!

Are they ugly?

Perhaps one of the best indicators for changing the windows in your home is when you are tired. Do you find your windows ugly? Overwhelmed? Of a questionable color? In decrepitude? Or have you changed the facade of your house and it no longer matches? It’s up to you! And we can help you.

In conclusion

If your windows meet one or more of the above criteria, then it’s time to renovate and change them. Come see us at Portes et Fenêtres Valleyfield or call us to make an appointment. or 450-373-9900

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Moisture problems?

Figure 8-2 Sectional view of a double hung window showing rooms and areas of air leakage

Text version

Condensation and frost problems on the interior surface of windows are common. It could be a light mist on some windows or a persistent frost covering the entire glass. Many homeowners buy new windows and find that the problem only got worse because the old leaking window was actually helping to reduce humidity. The new windows make the house more waterproof, which increases the humidity level. One of the solutions to this problem is to reduce the humidity level in the house.

You can also increase the surface temperature of the window and frame by installing another layer of glazing. New energy efficient windows are the best solution.

When the condensation lodges between the panes of the unsealed window panes, the humidity level in the house has escaped around the interior pane to escape condense on the outer glass.

Even with a low humidity level, a house can experience this kind of problem which often occurs on the second floor where there is more air coming out the window due to the chimney effect. It is therefore necessary to install a weatherstripping on the inner frame to prevent air leaks; but make sure the storm window drain holes, which allow water to drain, are open to the outside.

If condensation occurs inside a sealed double-glazed window, the problem can only be corrected by replacing the glazing. Although some specialist companies offer the refurbishment service for poorly sealed glass, this repair is temporary and will not match the initial level of energy efficiency. Check if the window is still under warranty.

(Source :

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Autoconstruction: Make your life easy!

Portes et Fenêtres Valleyfield œuvre depuis 30 ans dans la grande région du Suroît pour offrir à ses clients un service impeccable en matière de vente et d’installation de portes et fenêtres.

Autoconstruction: Make your life easy! 

You had your dream home in mind, and you finally decided to take action ! However, with the search for good contractors, the organization and coordination of the work, not to mention all the unforeseen events, becoming master of your site is not easy! It is important to do business with the company that gives you the tools, the support and listening you need.

For support that pays off!

At  Portes et Fenêtres Valleyfield , we know that getting into the autoconstruction is a job that takes a lot energy. Before you jump on the job site, surround yourself with people who want to be partners in your success!

Why us? Simply because we understand the real importance (and scale) of your project. It is for this reason that we have put in place a local network of entrepreneurs , specialized in self-construction. All this in order to simplify your life and allow you to be put in contact easily caring people who have the project of your dreams at heart. Enough to save you hours of research and stress!

About us

Family business, Portes et Fenêtres Valleyfield has excelled since 1987 in advising and installing innovative and efficient fenestration products. Our mission is, through our love of the profession and our 200% human approach, provide you impeccable service in terms of sales and installation of doors and windows.

Our team of experts consists of a dynamic and highly qualified staff in the field of fenestration. They have specialized training as well as impeccable conduct from the organization to the construction on site. Do not worry, Portes et Fenêtres Valleyfield is the team able to demonstrate the appropriate initiatives to actively participate in the success of your projects.

To get your free quotes, click here!

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3 things to consider when changing your windows

3 things to consider when changing your windows

Windows are a very important part of a home. Old windows can be the cause of several problems. Indeed, Transition Énergétique Québec estimates that 32% of heat loss due to poor insulation is through windows. This is why it is important to choose them wisely. Here are 3 things to consider when changing your windows, as listed by Ecohabitation .

Le label ENERGY STAR® 

When shopping for windows, look out for ENERGY STAR qualified products ® . Often better known in the household appliance category, these products guarantee lower energy consumption. In the case of windows, those that are approved reduce your heating and air conditioning consumption. At Portes et Fenêtres Valleyfield , the majority of our products are ENERGY STAR qualified ® .

The glazing

For glazing, there are 2 main varieties: double glazed and triple glazed, the latter offering more efficient insulation. In addition, there are various options to increase the seal and bring it to the next level:

  • Argon or krypton gas : these inert gases injected between the two glazings create a barrier between cold and hot.
  • Low-emissivity film : this film allows the sun’s rays to enter inside, but does not allow hot infrared to come out.
  • Interlayer : offered in aluminum or plastic, plastic is preferred, because the ‘aluminum conducts the temperature.

The frame

Different frames exist to surround your glazing: wood, aluminum and PVC. Each has its advantages and disadvantages : 

  • Wood
    • Aesthetic and warm;
    • Good insulating properties;
    • Requires regular application of tint.
  • Aluminum
    • Robust and resistant;
    • Thermal bridge: transmits heat or cold, therefore requires the installation of an often expensive thermal break.
  • PVC
    • Moisture resistant;
    • Resistant to insects and corrosion;
    • Requires little maintenance;
    • Its color may fade over time;
    • May curl in large temperature variations.

Regardless of the choice of windows you make for your new window, Portes et Fenêtres Valleyfield is here for you! Our wide selection of products and our unparalleled customer service will make your shopping experience with us a pleasant one and satisfying for your needs.

Contact us now or come see us in store, we are waiting for you!